Tech packs at just flat price of $ 40 .

Just Dzine is a group of designers graduated from well known institutes and they are too good in creating any kind of apparel related graphic designs, seasonal collection, theme based designs, Tech packs, Hang tags, Branding designs etc.

We have successfully completed 8 years into this business and have worked with hundreds of clients from worldwide as our website have best ranking in google for tech packs

We offer our services for the fashion sector in apparel, footware, accessories and home furnishings.Our clients include fashion houses, international brand owners and retailers.

Who we are

Our design team is strong on strategy. Especially when it comes to what works best for you and your project. They will smoothly guide you through every aspect of the project and ensure that your culture and ethics are not compromised in any way. Ultimately their efforts will be geared towards reinforcing your vision and brand image by engineering top-notch quality and consistency. In the process, they also enable you to realize your business goals.

Apparel Tech pack
One of our main design service is apparel tech pack design. We have a strong group of fashion designers and technicians to create professional tech packs with all details included required to create the proto sample or garment production.
The tech pack created by us is as user friendly and detailed sketch included that even a sampling tailor can refer the tech pack and create the sample with no construction mistakes. Hence it reduce the time of communication between clients and the manufacturers..

Provide us your rough sketches, detailed garment photograph or even courier a sample with changes required mentioned and we will create the tech pack for you.

Brand logo, Hang tag, main label, wash care label and accessory design.
If you are at infant stage and you don't even have a brand logo.. Let our graphic designer design it for you. They will provide you design set for Brand logo, Hang tag, main label, wash care label and accessory design. Also will include the same in the tech pack.

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