Our design team are best in the industry to design a tech pack, As you can see a Women's dress  sample tech pack above is done by our design team, 

All you need to do is to send us a rough sketch or reference image with the changes you want in your dress tech pack mention in an email.

No matter how complicated your dress designs are our design team will do a detailed tech pack for you dress.

Our design studio provides you with right product detailing and specifications in the form of apparel tech packs that you can use to produce your garments. Our tech pack designers progressively examine the styles and conduct exhaustive analysis prior to designing tech pack. We then deliver precise and production friendly apparel tech packs, making life easier for you and the eventual clothing manufacturing unit. We understand that your vision needs certain technicalities; we equip you with the required technical design assistance enabling your vision become a reality.

A dress tech pack must have their color combos details, their collar rib details, accessories details, buttons details, fabric details, side slit etc, Have a look at our sample tech pack of a women's wear dress above, and you will find all the details included in the tech pack, and all this in just flat price of $ 40. No extra cost no per hour job cost just one flat price $ 40 any kind of tech pack, including color combos details as well as size grading.

Our tech packs have all the details included including pantone color names if requested so if you are looking for someone to create your techpacks then we are the best in this market place