Tech packs are created by literate people to forward information to illiterate people so that they can construct the garment as per visual instruction.

A techpack is informative sheet which encompasses all the specifications of the requirements before embarking on the garment manufacturing process.
contains all the details of any specific style of the garment. This document is usually prepared by the designer and finalized in consultation with the merchandisers, and then forwarded to bulk sampling department or to the production department for the reference and guide for bulk manufacturing.   CLICK TO SEE A TECHPACK SAMPLE


The Objective here is, once techpack for any style is frozen, the production department must be able to go ahead with the manufacturing process without having to refer back to the designer for any aspect of production. The merchandisers are thus able to go ahead and ensure that the required material as per the techpack is made available to the production department, in the right quantities at the right time. The marketing department can use this document in their presentation, particularly to the large format stores and their key customers. The preparation of a techpack and using it to manage and co-ordinate various activities in production brings in efficiency within the company as, various departments refers to the common document for discussion or carrying out any activity.
Almost all garment manufacturing companies prepare a techpack. In many cases, the cutting instructions or job card issued to production acts as the techpack. However, the details given in the techpack are likely to vary with the sizes of the company. Large manufacturing companies generally have a detailed techpack for each of the styles under production, for the simple reason that any manufacturing that is not in line with what was desired results in a huge production loss. For exporters, preparation of a techpack is almost mandatory, as the buyers prefer to sign on the techpack before placing the order or would send in a techpack themselves.


The complexity involved in bulk manufacturing of the styles also governs the contents of the techpack, even if the designers are personally involved in the manufacturing especially on high-end fashion garments. From a regular men’s shirt made out of a single fabrics to a complex style for women involving two or more garments (a top, a bottom and probably an inner are sold together under one pack as a single style), with each garment involving multiple fabrics and trims, topped with additional production process such as embroidery, printing, patch work etc. The production flow, care and control needed while production will differ, and so will the form and content of the techpack for such styles. A detailed techpack is usually prepared for styles that have been approved for bulk manufacturing and for which elements such as the kind of fabrics and trims have been frozen. Before this stage, the designers may make various combinations of styles for approval and keep a note of the activities that have gone into creation of each combination of the styles.